About CFC

Family Connections     Therapy is a process where the therapist and client (family, couple, individual or group) meet and work together to explore and understand the client's unique personal experience. It is my belief that, under most circumstances, therapy has the best chance of being effective/helpful if the client and therapist are able to meet on a weekly basis. However, if circumstances prevent this from happening, I am open to exploring other options. Therapy is usually an agreed upon number of sessions or open ended. Regardless of the structure, what is explored in therapy and when therapy ends is always the client's decision.

      The primary goal of therapy is to either change and/or reach a higher level of self understanding. Often people wish to change the way they think, act or feel; change is a subjective experience and therefore is different for each person. Much of our distress does appear to be associated with our difficulty in finding a healthy way to experience and/or express our unpleasant emotions; i.e., Anxiety, Anger and Sadness. At times it can also be difficult to experience and express our pleasant emotions. The therapist and client work together to create an environment where each client feels safe to experience and express their thoughts and feelings. A therapist's ability to accept the client for who they are, be genuine and non-judgemental are necessary components to create this environment.


      Since beginning my work as a family therapist in 2006 I have had the distinct privilege to help families, couples and individuals in a number of areas, some of which include:

- Aggression and cooperation issues (usually ages 3-16)
- Adolescents involved with substance abuse
- Separation and divorce issues
- Grief & Loss
- Addictions
- Trauma

- Conflict around parenting
- Conflict and violence
- Disconnection
- Grief & Loss
- Addictions
- Trauma
- Affairs

- Self-esteem issues
- Career conflict
- Relationships
- Grief & Loss
- Depression
- Addictions
- Trauma
- Anxiety


      I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Manitoba and I have a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Winnipeg. I have completed numerous courses, workshops and/or certifications in other areas such as addictions, attachment theory/therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Systems Centered Therapy, Loss & Grief, PTSD and Narrative Therapy.